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carefully curated and passionately illustrated – sent to you by post

The world we live in can be awfully complex and overwhelmingly cluttered with news and information.
How should one keep track?

While reading the news is a good way to stay up to date, a lot of the actually information and context gets lost in the sheer flow of information.

I myself have been overwhelmed for much too long and started ignoring the news completely at times.

However, there are many important issues that need not be dismissed: The climate crisis, the circus of international politics and general fiascos around the topics of human right abuses,  refugee politics, any issues that arise due to the more and more globalized world and sooo many more...

I no longer want to ignore them and I refuse to borrow the opinions of today's leaders that we have come to see are more then unfit in many cases.

Hence I aim at writing letters. Filled with inspiring thoughts, educational yet understandable knowledge and ways to balance this fast streaming life a tiny bit more.


One of the key aspects of "Word by Word" is that these letters will reach you printed on paper via post. That way, you can pack  them up in the morning and read along you go throughout your busy day.

Would you like to get the next issue of "Word by Word"?

Leave your e-mail adress with me and I will get back to you!

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