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I hate the news.

Yes, I am currently working as a news journalist.

And no, those things do not contradict each other. They are actually cause and reaction.

You see, my very nature is defined by the fact that I thrive towards beautiful, meaningful and complete things (also anyone who knows me... I ask a lot of questions).

The news, however, informs about what is happening right now. Without any intent of being complete, good-looking or with a greater purpose. It aims to be fast, first and foremost catchy.


This lead to me being completely uninterested in what was going on in the world. And only as I got older and started realizing that I will be affected by what happens in the world, no matter how meaningful, pretty and complete my bubble around me is, I began to understand that I needed to understand what is going on around me.

But that was also when I was presented with an issue. I had lost track. I had no idea what was going on, why it was happening and what it meant to my life.

So I saw it, I had two choices:

  1. Remain within my bubble, sip on my oat milk latte and enjoy a good book while I am growing old in a country so comfy I actually has the chance to ingnore the outside world for 28 years.

  2. Start asking questions. Many of them...

(See description of my very nature to understand that this was an obvious choice anyway.)

So I started my research. More and more I learned about what is happening the world. Why this is happening and most importantly, what it meant to the people wandering this planet.

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